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Concertzender Live

wed 25 mar 2020 01:00 

Concert of Oum, recorded by Concertzender (World Music).

Oum in Hertz | TivoliVredenburg


Foto: Ben Houdijk

The Moroccan singer Oum is one of the biggest stars in North Africa. With her powerful and rich voice, she can handle any genre.

On February 28, 2020 she gave a performance with her band to promote her new album “Daba“.
You can now listen to part of this performance.

Oum zang,

Carlos Mejias Nuevas Perez sax / machines

Camille Passeri trompet

Yacir Rami oud

Damian Nueva bas


Foto: Ben Houdijk


01 Mezzinellil

02 Fasl

03 Chajra

04 Daba

05 Rhyam

06 Ha

07 Kemmy

08 Also Sadak


Recording / mixage: Wijnand de Groot


Produced by: