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Holland Jazz

fri 27 mar 2020 18:00 

Dutch Jazz on CD, compiled by Jan Verwey.


Theme: Older and new: Walkate/Paavo and Yuri Honing.

In today’s episode, I will be playing CDs of saxophonists Frank Paavo and Yuri Honing.
The first CDs date from a few years ago and will be followed by their new released albums.

In 2016, Frank Paavo released a CD that can be described as somewhat impetuous, but bursting with energy. The recent album “Emergo”, on which he is playing along with pianist Harald Walkate, is a lot more balanced.
(OAP Records, 2020).

The Acoustic Quartet led by Yuri Honing released the CD “True” in 2012. The same quartet, but now joined by bassist Gulli Gudmundsson instead of Ruben Samama, is still a fantastic ensemble, playing again beautiful compositions by Yuri. Compositions that exude a calmness that manages to keep your attention.
(CD “Bluebeard”, 2020). Both albums were released by Challenge Records.

Technique: Willem van Schip


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