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sat 4 apr 2020 00:00 

The Italian music legacy is very broad, strong and ancient like the traditions of the many cities, regions, mountains and islands. However, contemporary music is also very much alive, dynamic and varied. Over the next few months, we’ll our Italian journey in space and time, bringing you high quality music.

Episode 28: Musicanova

In this episode, we’ll look at folkgroup Musicanova from Naples, which was active from 1976 to 1981. The group, founded by the Neapolitans Eugenio Bennato and Carlo D’Angiò, was an important innovator of southern Italian folk music. They used many themes from the turbulent history of the south of Italy.


1 Montanara Traditional, arrangment Eugenio Bennato) 3:01
2 Tarantella di Sannicandro (traditional, arrangment Eugenio Bennato) 4:38
3 Ballo cantato per mandoloncello, violino e percussioni
(traditional, arrangment Eugenio Bennato) 4:21
Album: Musicanova, Garofano d’ammore, 1976

4 Riturnella (anonymous, arrangment A.Ricci) 4:17
5 A la muntagna (Eugenio Bennato) 4:22
6 A morte ‘e zi’ frungillo (C. D’Angiò) 2:25
7 Tempo di Carnevale (Eugenio Bennato) 2:05
Album: Musicanova, Musicanova, 1978

8 A vernata: Jesce Carnevale (Eugenio Bennato) 1:21

9 A vernata: O diavolo s’arricreia (Eugenio Bennato) 2:43
10 A stagione: Quanno o sole è ddoce (Eugenio Bennato) 2:42
Album: Musicanova, Quanno turnammo a nascere, 1979

11 Brigante se more (Carlo D’Angiò) 2:09
12 Vulesse addeventare nu brigante (I) (Eugenio Bennato) 2:55
13 Canzone per Iuzzella(Carlo D’Angiò, Eugenio Bennato) 2:47
14 Quanno sona la campana (Eugenio Bennato) 2:34
15 Vulesse addeventare nu brigante (II) (E. Bennato) 1:51
16 Quanno o sole è ddoce (II) (Eugenio Bennato) 2:55
17 Moresca terza (Eugenio Bennato) 3:00
18 A la terra di Basilicata (Eugenio Bennato) 3:50
Album: Musicanova, Brigante se more, 1980

19 Canzone per Iuzzella (II) (Carlo D’Angiò, Eugenio Bennato) 3:05
Album: Musicanova, Festa festa, 1981

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