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fri 3 apr 2020 17:00 

Today’s Music by Today’s Composers: Julia Holter.

In this program we’ll get to know American singer Julia Holter. Her music can be described a art-pop: it may sound like pop sometimes, but it still holds the artist’s unique touch.


From the album Tragedy (2011):

– Try To Make Yourself A Work Of Art

– Finale

From the album Ekstasis (2012):

– Marienbad

– Our Sorrows

From the album Loud City Song (2013):

– Horns Surrounding Me

– In The Green Wild

– Hello Stranger

From the album Have You In My Wilderness (2015):

– Sea Calls Me Home

– Vasquez

From the album Aviary (2018):

– Les Yeux For You

– Words I Heard



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