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Holland Jazz

fri 10 apr 2020 18:00 

Theme: a round of guitars.

A random selection of four guitarists, picked from the high number of guitarists that our country has.

Both Marzio Scholten and Mateusz Pulawski belong to a younger generation, whereas Jesse van Ruller and Martijn van Iterson can be called veterans. Both Marzio and Mateusz like to play own compositions. Jesse, however, prefers to play standards.

CD 1: “World of Tought” Marzio Scholten.
Also featuring Randal Corsen, piano; Stefan
Lievenstro, bass and Bob Roos on drums.
2010-OAP Records

CD 2: “Live at Murphy’s Law” Jesse van Ruller.
Featuring Frans van der Hoeven playing bass and
Martijn Vink on drums.
2005-Munich Records

CD3: “Half Moon Heart” Mateusz Pulawski.
Also featuring Gideon Tazelaar, tenor sax and Esther van
Hees, vocals.
2014-private label.

CD 4: “Swarms” Martijn van Iterson.
An album filled with his own compositions. Featuring Karel Boehlee, Fend. Rh;
Frans van Geest, bass and Martijn Vink, drums.
2014, Martvani Music.

Technique: Willem van Schip


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