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Contemporary Music

fri 10 apr 2020 17:00 

Australian composers.

This fifth programme about new works by Australian composers is completely dedicated to Christine McCombe and her latest work: Three Kinds of Silence.
It is minimal music in a different way.  In all four works, silence is used as a musical parametre (to be compared with the Japanese concept of ‘ma’.  The silences are just as important as the music.)


McCombe: The Art of Placing Stones. Marianne Rothschild (violin), Glenn Riddle (piano)
McCombe: Love into Stone. Glenn Riddle (piano), Natasha Conrau (violin), Leigh Raymond (violin), Susanna Ling (viola), Naomi Wileman (cello)
McCombe: Three Kinds of Silence. Marianne Rothschild (violin), Rosanne Hunt (cello), Glenn Riddle (piano)
McCombe: To The Wider Ocean. Deborah Kayser (mezzo-soprano), Marianne Rothschild (violin), Rosanne Hunt (cello), Glenn Riddle (piano)


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