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Tango Fusión

wed 22 apr 2020 00:00 

Exchanges en fusion of tango with different music cultures: With in today’s episode:  Ananta Roosens

In this episode you will hear fourteen compositions by Ananta Roosens from her debut album from 2013, La sieste du dromadaire. The album is a mix of innovative tango, with an unusual instrumental line-up. This “neo” tango is characterized by African and Arab influences.


Santiago Cimadevilla: bandoneon, xylophone
Ananta Roosens: trumpet, violin and stroh violin
Elliot Muusses: guitar
Robbe Kieckens: African percussion
Joris Vanvinckenroye: double bass

With guest performance on ‘todo fugaz II’ by
Gerardo Jerez Le Cam: piano
Iacob Maciuca & Ananta Roosens: violin


  1. todo fugaz
  2. (al) violín corneta
  3. tucu-tucu superstar
  4. waltzing Mafalda
  5. enanosyñomos
  6. el tanguro
  7. l’œuf fifteen
  8. feu d’arty fish
  9. kablamo
  10. la gloire des bêtes noires
  11. yerba turca
  12. altura tortuga
  13. larmes de crocodile
  14. todo fugaz II

Album: Ananta Roosens – La sieste du dromadaire (2013)