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The Source of Sound

wed 6 may 2020 02:00 

The Source of Sound involves the material, the movement and the vibration of which music arises. Episode 54: Winti

In today’s episode we’ll listen to Winti and and similar Afro-American phenomena in the Caribbean. With the oldest recordings of Winti music in a Dutch audio archive from 1947, but also Voodoo music from the same period from the movie “Divine Horsemen” from Haiti and Santeria music from Cuba. But also from the seventies made by Maroons from Jamaica, who were once transported as slaves from Ghana via Fort Amsterdam or Kormantin and regained their freedom in Jamaica. But especially a lot of music from Suriname where elements of Winti can be found in all kinds of music genres. A sign of the all-encompassing and penetrating character of this Afro-American form of religion and spirituality.

Photo Tropical Museum












01 Winti 13                                                                          2’35

02 Winti 3                                                                           2’43
















03 Winti 5                                                                           3’14

04 Winti 6                                                                           3’31















05 Winti 2                                                                           2’33












06 Sebi baruba                                                                  4’27

01-06 Recorded by L.J.A. van Dijk and
P.N. Buis from Profilti-Polygoon for the
film foundation “West-Indië” and part of
the former audio collection of the public
broadcasting organisation “Wereldomroep”












07 Ghede God of the crossroads                                   2’20
LP Divine Horsemen
Lyrichord LLST 7341, B3












08 Song to Legba and Yemaya                                      3’14
LP Cult music of Cuba
Ethnic Folkways FE 4410, A1












09 Kromanti                                                                        6’46
LP Music of the Maroons of Jamaica
Ethnic Folkways FE 4027 B3,4,6,10,11












10 Apuku                                                                              4’07
Saramaka drummers Godo
LP From slavery to freedom
Lyrichord LLST 7354, A4











11 Koroa de na mama moffo                                            2’59
Folkloregroup Naks
LP This is Surinam
Omega 444.020, A1












12 Granmama Aisa                                                             3’19
The Baas Mal Orchestra
CD Frozen Brass Africa and Latin America
Pan records 2026CD tr. 11

Photo Rob Boonzajer Flaes










13 Leba                                                                                 3’00
The Baas Mal Orchestra
CD Frozen Brass Africa and Latin America
Pan records 2026CD  tr. 12







14 Mamsa                                                                             4’17
Saramacca Krioro
CD Saramacca Krioro
TBA 5.94 001, tr. 3








15 Watra Ingi                                                                       5’20
The Karinha Brothers








16 Dya Dya Boandi                                                              4’14
E. Wolf
CD Kumanti Kankan No Bung
track 12

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