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Holland Jazz

fri 8 may 2020 18:00 

Dutch jazz on CD, collected and compiled by Jan Verwey.
Theme: women in jazz (1).

Quite a few women in jazz in this country. Tonight’s we kick of the first program on that subject. It’s striking that there are few women who play the piano, guitar or bass, most of them sing or play the sax or trumpet. That’s also the case tonight.

We’ll listen to Anne Chris and Simone Honijk. Singers who don’t resemble each other at all. Anne is more of the singer/songwriter genre. Simone bites into the cool jazz and realbook repertoire. They both write their own songs. The same goes for saxophone players Susanne Alt and Tineke Postma. Both Susanne and Tineke have a fine taste for their solos and a wonderful melodic insight. Postma has come a few steps further in her career because of her stay in New York. She has worked and recorded a number of songs with American artists.

CD “Tomorrow is Today”, Anne Chris
Challenge Reccords/Jazz Impuls (2004)
CD “For the Rhythm”, Tineke Postma
Munich Records (2005)
CD “Mosaic”, Simone Honijk
Eigen beheer (2007)
CD “Nocturne”, Susanne Alt
Eigen beheer (2004)

Technique: Willem van Schip

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