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The Art of the Improvisers

fri 8 may 2020 03:00 

A Serenade For Bill Moons, part 7
A series of programs to say farewell to Willem van Manen (Bill Moons).

Willem van Manen (ex trombone player, composer and bandleader) has left the Concertzender after almost fifteen years as coordinator of the jazz sector. For that occasion programmer Bert Broere has put together a personal musical fruit basket.
Van Manen owes his (nickname) to the other Willem: Willem Breuker. In 1975 he dedicated a composition to van Manen with the title Twenty Minutes In The Life Of Bill Moons.

In today’s episode you’ll listen to trombone player Carl Fontana, with recordings from 1956, ’78 and ’85.

1. Buhaina 7.57
2. Ballad Medley 9.25
3. Expubident 6.03
4. What’s New 7.26
5. I thought About You 6.18
6. Soon 5.47
7. Just Friends 13.10

Albums used:
1/2: Carl Fontana – The Fifties Uptown
3/6: “ “ – The Great Fontana “
7: F. Rosolino/C. Fontana – Trombone Heaven 1978 “


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