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thu 14 may 2020 12:00 

An educational programme featuring early music.
The world of Codices, episode 1.

Today, we start a three-part series about Codices. Codices is the plural of Codex, a bound book from the Middle Ages. In  this hour, you can listen to music from the Engelberg 314 Codex, a music manuscript from the Benedictine abbey of Engelberg in Switzerland. It is one of the most important late-medieval liturgical manuscripts.
The other Codex you can listen to is the Caioni Codex, a musical portrait of a Transylvanian wedding day. It is the personal manuscript of organist Johannes Caioni, who was born in Romania in 1629.

From Codex Engelberg 314:
1. Herz und Sinne muege dich
2. Alleluia, V. O Maria, rubens rosa
3. Unicornis captivatur
4. Kyrie fons bonitatis
5. Alleluia, V. Inclite dux Benedicte, Benedicte merita

Chorale Ensemble of Schola Cantorum Basiliensis led by Dominique Vellard
(CD Codex Engelberg 314. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi DHM 05472 77431 2)

From Codex Caioni:
a. Morning at the castle
6. Lepus intra sata quiescit

b. At church
7. Judea et Jerusalem
8. Salve regina
9. Csárdás (trad.)

c. A small spectacle of the devil for the bride and groom
10. Dialogus

d. The banquet
11. O quales flores
12. Lupul Vaidane eneke

XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade led by Jean Christophe Frisch: Cyrille Gerstenhaber, soprano. Adriana Epstein, mezzo-soprano. Sébastien Obrecht, tenor en Ion Dimieru, baritone
(CD Codex Caioni. Arion ARN 68785)


Photo: fragment from the Engelberg 314 Codex

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