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wed 13 may 2020 12:00 
Composers: Anoniem | Antonio Vivaldi

This hour features a new, special CD with early music. Two CDs for the spring season: ‘Les Saisons Amusantes’ from Ensemble Danguy and ‘The Dubhlinn Gardens’ by A Nocte Temporis.

Nicolas Chédeville (1705-1782) / Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

Tobie Miller

1. Le Printems
– Allegro
– Adagio
– Pastorello (Allegro)

2. Les Plaisirs de l’été
– Allegro
– Largo
– La Cacia (Allegro)

3. La Moisson
– Allegro
– Largo
– Allegro

4. Les Plaisirs de la Saint-Martin
– Allegro
– Largo
– Allegro

Ensemble Danguy conducted by Tobie Miller, hurdy-gurdy
(CD Les Saisons Amusantes, Ricercar RIC 398, 2019)

Anonymous (Ireland, 17th and 18th century)
5. The original black joke, sent from Dublin
6. Jack latine
7. Hunt the squirrel/A reell for Jannie/Up wi’t ailey/Do for the German flute/Chorus jig
8. Mr. Creagh’s Irish tune/The hawk of ballyshannon
9. Moggy lawther

Reinoud Van Mechelen, tenor. Anne Besson, flute. A Nocte Temporis
(CD The Dubhlinn Gardens, ALPHA 447, 2019)

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