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Tango Fusión

wed 20 may 2020 00:00 
Composer: Carlos Gardel

Exchanges en fusion of tango with different music cultures. Episode 18:  Carlos Gardel and Hugo Diaz

In this episode you’ll hear original performances and arrangements by Hugo Diaz (the “latin Toots Thielemans”) of compositions by Carlos Gardel. When Hugo Diaz was a child he was given a cheap harmonica. It’s an instrument that’s often thought to be frivolous, but as Hugo was able make it work so well, he started performing on the radio from the age of nine. He has performed with countless legends, with a wide repertoire of pop, classical music, folklore and, of course, tango. You’ll also hear original recordings of Carlos Gardel from the albums “Best of” (Hemisphere 1998) and “Tango Argentino”, “The Star Collection”.

The arrangments by Hugo Diaz are from the album “Trio Hugo Diaz: Tangos” (Iris Musique production 2006). The performers are José Leonardo Colangelo (piano), Omar Murtagh (bass), and Hugo Diaz on harmonica.


1   Mi Buenos Aires Querido [2.38] Carlos Gardel-The Best of
2   Buenos Aires Querido [2.30] Hugo Diaz – Tangos
3   Arrabal Amargo [2.35] Carlos Gardel – Tango Argentino
4   Arrabal Amargo [3.35] Hugo Diaz-Tangos
5   Melodía De Arrabal [2.33]
6   Melodia de Arrabal [3.43] Hugo Diaz -Tangos
7   Mano a Mano [3.09] Carlos Gardel- Tango Argentino
8   Mano a Mano [3.51] Hugo Diaz -Tangos
9   Volver [2.55] Carlos Gardel- Tango Argentino
10  Volver [3.02] Hugo Diaz-Tangos
11  Dia Que Me Quieras [3.19] Carlos Gardel – The Star Collection
12  Dia que Me Quieras [2.37] Hugo Diaz -Tango Argentino
13  Por una Cabeza [2.33] Carlos Gardel -Tango Argentino
14  Por Una Cabeza [3.16] Hugo Diaz – Tangos
15  Volvio una Noche [3.03] Carlos Gardel – Tango Argentino
16  Volvio Una Noche [2.57] Hugo Diaz-Tangos
17  Silencio [2.42] Carlos Gardel – The Best of
18  Silencio [3.12] Hugo Diaz – Tangos