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The String Quartet

Alexander Glazoenov; opus 26 and opus 15

Alexander Glazunov’s creation of String Quartet No. 3 in G major, Opus 26, partly coincides with his work on the remaining drafts for the opera Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin, who died suddenly in 1887. Glazunov himself occasionally organised concerts at his home on Thursday evenings. For this he wrote a quartet movement ‘Thursday’ (Chetverka) which became the first movement of String Quartet No. 3, known for its references to both secular and orthodox music as ‘Slavic’. The strong Russian tone in Glazunov’s music, can also be heard in the Novelettes, despite their titles that suggest otherwise…

Alexander Glazunov– String Quartet No. 3 in G major, opus 26 (‘Slavic’) (1886/88)

1. Moderato, 2. Moderato, 3. Allegretto, 4. Allegro moderato

Performed by: Shostakovich Quartet

Album: Olympia (Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga Musica)

Alexander Glazunov– From: Novelettes, opus 15 (1886)

1. Alla Spagnuola, 3. Interludium in modo antico, 4. Valse,5. All’Ungharese

Performed by: St Petersburg String Quartet

Album: Delos


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