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mon 25 may 2020 01:00 

With music by The Wild Century, Motorpsycho, Atlantis, The Residents, Of Montreal, Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland, Atombombpocketknife, The Liszt, Anna Burch, Shabazz Palaces, Katinka & The Icy Dead People and Palace Music.

01. The Wild Century. One-Time Event. (RAW 2019)
02. Motorpsycho. S.T.G. (Blissard 1996)
03. Atlantis. The Last Dance. (Carpe Omnium 2015)
04. The Residents. Godsong. (Fingerprince 2006)
05. Of Montreal. Get God’s Attention By Being An Atheist. (UR FUN 2020)
06. Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland. The Little Man Upon The Stair. (Summing 2020)
07. Atombombpocketknife. Gamma Rays Forever. (God Save The Abpk 2001)
08. The Liszt. Too Much Pain Inside. (Coming From Doubt, Journeying To Truth 2006)
09. Anna Burch. Every Feeling. (If You’re Dreaming 2020)
10. Shabazz Palaces. Wet. (The Don Of Diamond Dreams 2020)
11. Katinka & The Icy Dead People. Scylla. (s/t 2010)
12. Palace Music. Old Jerusalem. (Viva Last Blues 1995)

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