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Thou singest ye carol

German countertenor Andreas Scholl is not only known for his beautiful voice, but also for his daring song selections, and this is fully reflected in his choice to sing German romantic and pre-romantic songs.

Brahms probably would’ve been shocked and Schubert would’ve laughed out loud at the idea that his music would ever be sung by a counter tenor. So isn’t it great that Scholl decided to just do it. For him it’s about the songs, about the lyrics and letting the notes lead him. But there is more than that. Scholl’s performances are more than just recitals; he prefers to adapt his repertoire to fit his unusual voice.



  1. Johannes Brahms – From: 42 Deutsche Volkslieder (WoO 33/42. In stiller Nacht)
  2. Joseph Haydn – The Wanderer (Hob.XXVIa:32) vocals: Anne Hunter
  3. Joseph Haydn – Recollection (Hob.XXVIa.26) vocals: Anne Hunter
  4. Johannes Brahms – uit: 42 Deutsche Volkslieder (WoO 33/21 Es ging ein Maidlein zarte)
  5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Das Veilchen, K476 vocals: Goethe
  6. Franz Schubert – Im Haine, D.738 vocals: Franz von Bruchmann
  7. Joseph Haydn – Despair (Hob.XXVIa:28) vocals: Anne Hunter
  8. Franz Schubert – Abendstern, D806 vocals: Johann Mayrhofer
  9. Franz Schubert – An Mignon, D. 161 vocals: Goethe
  10. Johannes Brahms – Mein Mädel hat einen Rosenmund (WoO 33/25)
  11. W.A. Mozart – Abendempfindung An Laura K523 vocals: Joachim Kampe
  12. Franz Schubert – Der Tod und das Madchen, D531 vocals: Matthias Claudius
  13. Johannes Brahms – All mein’ Gedanken WoO 33/30
  14. J. Brahms – Da unten im Tale (WoO 33/6)
  15. F. Schubert – Der Jüngling auf dem Hügel,  D702 vocals: Heinrich Huttenbrenner
  16. F. Schubert – Ave Maria (D.839) vocals: translation. Adam Storck
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