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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 2004B

2004: A post-war generation of composers starts to take over the wheel. This leads to an interesting theme, a return to the past, some bizarre twists and modern line-ups.

In this episode fragments from:

  • Jake Heggie- The end of the affair
  • Thomas Adès- The Tempest
  • Poul Ruders- Kafka’s Trial


Other opera and operetta productions from 2004 are:

  • Harrison Birtwistle- The Io passion
  • John Haddock- Madeline Lee
  • Matthew King- On London Fields
  • Daniel Catán- Salsipuedes: a Tale of Love, War and Anchovies
  • William Bolcom- A Wedding
  • Lee Hoiby- Romeo and Juliet
  • Salvatore- Sciarrino- Lohengrin 2. Disegno per un giardino sonoro
  • Jin Xiang- Yang Guifei



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