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Nuove Musiche

wed 10 jun 2020 12:00 

Nieuwe cd’s met Oude Muziek. Today we’ll listen to music with Passion music: ‘Biber Rosenmüller Froberger – Passion’ by Ausonia, and the album Dowland ‘whose heavenly touch’ by soprano Mariana Flores and lute player Hopkinson Smith.

Johan Rosenmüller (1619-1684)
1. Third reading for Maundy Thursday I

Heinrich Biber (1644-1704)
2. From: the Rosenkranssonaten: Sonata VII
– Flagellation Allemanda
– Variatio
– Sarabanda
– Variatio

Johan Rosenmüller
3. Third reading for Maundy Thursday II

Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643)
4. Maddalena alla Croce, sonetto spirituale

Heinrich Biber (1644-1704)
5. From: de Rosenkranssonaten: Sonata X
– Crucifixion: Praeludium
– Aria
– Variatio

Ausonia: Mira Glodeanu, violin; Maïlys de Villoutreys, soprano; James Munro, viola da gamba; Frédéric Haas, harpsichord and organ
(Album: Biber Rosenmüller Froberger – Passion. Hitasura HSP 004, 2018)

John Dowland (1563-1626)
6. Flow my tears
7. O sweet woods
8. I saw my lady weep
9. Ay ye, whom love of fortune hath betrayed
10. Fine knacks for ladies
11. Sorrow, sorrow, stay

Mariana Flores, soprano. Hopkinson Smith, lute
(Album: Dowland ‘whose heavenly touch’, Naïve E 8941, 2019)

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