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tue 16 jun 2020 23:00 

Traditional music of Japan: The Legacy of Myoonten  by the Yamato Ensemble.

The Yamato Ensemble performs traditional Japanese music on also traditional instruments. The Legacy of Myonen (also known as Benzaiten) is the goddess in the teachings of, beauty, the arts and eloquence. She comes from the Hindu goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, music and art. Since Saraswati is strongly associated with rivers, Myonen is the goddess of everything that flows: water, time, words, speech and music. In these pieces, the Yamato Ensemble honors the legacy of Myths as “The Goddess of Beautiful Sounds”.
Cd. The Legacy of Myoonten  – Yamato Ensemble.
Label: ARC MUSIC (2020), code: EUCD2897 | VIDEO

P l a y l i s t :
1– Hida ni mittsu no Ballade, Bokka                06:39
2– Hida ni yoseru no Ballade, Tachitsubura   04:25
3– Hida ni yoseru no Ballade, Sugidama        04:48
5– Kokuu                                                                 11:15
6– Chikubushima                                                 14:46
7– Izumi                                                                 08:45
8– Hokkai Minyo Cho                                         08:23

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