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tue 23 jun 2020 23:00 

Traditional classical music from INDIA, with Sheila Chandra, Debashish Bhattacharya, Manuche o rautan & Raza Khan.

1-Singer Sheila Chandra in a “Speaking in Tongues” song.
Sheila was born in South London to a South Indian immigrant family, she discovered at the age of 12 that she wanted to become a singer. Unfortunately she has been unable to sing since 2010 due to the “Burning Mouth syndrome”. Cd. Moonsung: a real-world retrospective. Label: Virgin (1999), code: 8471842 ~ VIDEO

2- Debashish Bhattacharya. In two pieces:
– Maru bihag gat and jhala in drut tintala
– Ras tarang (The waves of desire)
An Indian classical musician, singer, composer, introducer of the world’s first Slide Guitar Syllabus, redefined Indian classical music on slide guitar by introducing new technique, new sound and a new mix of tradition and unique contemporary design of the music. Cd-1. The Rough Guide to the music of India. Label: World Music Network (2010), code: RGNET1231. Cd-2. The Rough Guide to acoustic India. Label: World Music Network (2017), code: RGNET1361CD ~ VIDEO

3- Manuche o rautan – Le Chant des Bauls.
The term baul denotes a state of amorous ecstasy, a teaching that is both artistic and philosophical. Songs and dances, their practical expression, are considered fundamental initiation rituals.
The baul world revolves around the here and now, peace and tolerance celebrated by its followers in songs, stories and other manifestations of a rich oral tradition that sprang from the major religions of Bengal. Cd. Manuche o rautan – Le Chant Des Bauls (2002). Label: Fonti Musicali FMD 222 ~ VIDEO

4- Raza Khan – Gum hai ya khushi.
He started learning music from his father at the age of 7. Raza was especially inspired by his main guru, Shafqat Ali, who introduced him to a five hundred year old musical tradition of Sham Chourasi Gharana. Cd. Unheard Punjab. Label: De Kulture Music (2012), code: DKM 041 A ~ VIDEO

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