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An educational programme featuring early music. Today part 3 of our irregular series about lesser known composers from the Low Lands.

Today we’ll introduce you to five composers. All five of them were employed to a greater or lesser extent by Habsburg monarchs.

Jacobus Buus (ca. 1500–1565)
1 Recercar terzo
Cappella Marciana en La Pifaresca olv Marco Gemmani
(cd: Willaert e la scuola fiamminga a San Marco. Concerto 2117, 2019)

Jacobus Vaet (ca. 1529–ca. 1567)
2 Ascendetis post filium
3 Continuo lacrimas
(cd: Music for the court of Maximilian II. Hyperion Records CDA 67579, 2007)

Jacobus Regnart (ca 1540–1595)
4 Ach weh der Zeit
5 Ein Lieb nit mehr hat
6 Venus du und dein Kind
7 Du hast mich sollen nehmen
(cd: Amorosi pensieri. Hyperion Records CDA 68053, 2014)

Alexander Utendal (ca 1530–1581)
8 Fratres expurgate
9 Adesto dolori meo
Capilla Flamenca & Oltremontano, olv Bart Demuyt
(cd: Alexander Utendal & Philippus de Monte: Motets. Passacaille 937, 2003)

Thomas Crecquillon (ca 1510–1557)
10 Momento salutis auctor
11 Servus tuus
Egidius Quartet and College
(cd: De Leidse koorboeken vol. I. Etcetera Records KTC 1410, 2010)

Jacobus Vaet
12 Amour leal
(cd: Amorosi pensieri. Hyperion Records CDA 68053, 2014)


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