Contemporary Music

fri 26 jun 2020 17:00 

Grupo Renovación.


In the 1930s a number of Argentine composers founded the Grupo Renovación. Their aim was to mix influences from Argentine folk music with those of modern composers like Stravinsky and Schoenberg. In this episode you’ll hear works by two composers from this group.


  1. Luis Gianneo. ‘Lamento Quichua’, from Piezas criollas. Franciscus Quartet.
  2. Gianneo. Six bagatelles. Fernando Viani, piano.
  3. Juan Carlos Paz. Dédalus. Ensemble Aventure led by Alexander Ott.
    Akiko Okabe, piano.
  4. Gianneo. El tarco en flor. Orquesta Sinfónica de Entre Ríos led by Gabriel Castagna.
  5. Gianneo. Three preludes, no. 2 and 3. Alejandro Cremaschi and Elena Dabul, piano.


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