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tue 30 jun 2020 00:00 
Composer: Nana Adjoa

She’s Stronger – Nana Adjoa


In today’s edition of JazzNotJazz, we have Amsterdam based singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa. Nana is a sonic explorer who is armed with a deft poeticism and a fierce sense of musicianship. Behind her multi-instrumentalist approach to songwriting, there is an unflinching sense of curiosity and an openness to the endless musical possibilities.

In this episode, Nana will be with us to tell us about her music and her musical journey.

1.    She’s Stronger
2.   Throw Stones
3.   Love and Death
4.   Sometimes Love is Evil
5.   DOOA
6.   Simple Things
7.   Simmer Down
8.   Three
9.   Honestly
10. The Resolution
11.  Late Bloomer


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