Radio Romantica

mon 6 jul 2020 12:00 

Musical Romanticism, explored by Pieter de Oude, with chamber music of George Onslow and Robert Schumann.

This broadcast sets off with the French composer George Onslow. He was a contemporary of the great Romantic composers, and somewhat forgotten after his death in 1853. He lived and worked in Paris and he wrote a few operas, which were, moreover, little successful. In the early 19th century in France, one could not exactly distinguish oneself by writing chamber music and symphonies . Onslow’s string quartets and orchestral works soon were put under a big pile of paper. Only in the course of the 20th century, his name reappeared on concert programmes. In this programme you will hear two works of Onslow. In addition to this somewhat unknown composer, we are going to listen to the second Romance opus 94 of Robert Schumann, for clarinet and piano.

  1. George Onslow: Grand Septuor in B-flat major, Op. 79 – Stalder-Quintett (Ursula Burckhard, flute, Peter Fuchs, oboe, Hans Rudolf Stalder, clarinet, Bernhard Leguillon, horn, Paul Meyer, bassoon), Werner Bärtschi, piano and Rudolf Frei, double bass.
  2. George Onslow: Wind quintet in F major, Op. 81 No.3 – Stalder-Quintett
  3. Robert Schumann: Romance for clarinet and piano, Op. 94 No.2: Einfach,innig – Michel Portal, clarinet and Michaïl Rudy, piano.
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