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The Art of the Improvisers

fri 10 jul 2020 03:00 

A Serenade For Bill Moons – part 9
A series of programmes with waving-goodbye music for Willem van Manen (Bill Moons).


Willem van Manen (former trombone player, composer en bandleader) said goodbye as co-ordinator of the jazz section of the Concertzender after almost fifteen years. For that occasion, programme maker Bert Broere compiled a personal musical selection.
Van Manen owes his (nick)name to the other Willem: Willem Breuker. In 1975, he dedicated a composition to Van Manen with the title ‘Twenty Minutes In The Life Of Bill Moons’.

Tonight you will hear only Dutch musicians: trombone player Joost Buis + The Astronotes, flügelhorn player Angelo Verploegen with percussionist Jasper van Hulten and Joost Buis with reed player/flute player Ab Baars.

1. Ruurlo 2.49
2. Brievabroebilari 4.15
3. Biefstuk 6.42
4. Youth 5.35
5. Blues In Blueprint 4.34
6. Satin Doll 5.10
7. Come Sunday 5.35
8. Caravan 4.50
9. Sootyswing 4.10
10. Hopkins Rudd 4.49
11. Sweet Stumblings 4.30
12. Take Turns 3.38

CDs used:
1/4 : Joost Buis & The Astronotes Zoomin Data
5/8: A. Verploegen/J. v. Hulten The Duke Book Just Listen Records
9/12: J. Buis/A. Baars Moods For Roswell Wig

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