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Moanin’ the Blues

thu 16 jul 2020 18:00 

The earliest blues recordings. Oh daddy. Ethel Waters, May 1921. She belongs to the first generation of blues singers. She continues to be active until the 1950’s, but by that time not any longer as a blues singer unfortunately.


In this episode recordings from the first period, the 1920’s:

Ethel Waters. Oh daddy
The down home blues
One man Nan
There’ll gonna be some changes made
At the new jump steady ball
O Joe, play that trombone
Memphis man
Midnight blues
The da da strain
Georgia blues
You can’t do what my last man did
Ethel sings ‘em
Sweet man
Craving blues
You can’t do what my last man did
Sweet man
Shake that thing
I’ve found a new baby


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