Orient Express

tue 29 sep 2020 23:00 

Modern & traditional-classical music from Iran.


1- Invisible by the Regard Persan Trio.
Regard Persan brings together three artists of Iranian descent living in Montreal. They have come together to share their love of music and bring together the instruments such as, the gheychak (string instrument used in Iranian region of Balochistan), tanbour (plucked instrument used in Iranian Kurdistan region) and percussion of different origins.
Cd. Invisible van het trio Regard Persan.
Label: Canada Council for the Arts (2019), code: 0753070791179 | VIDEO

2- Three improvisation ‘dans le mode Mahour’, performed by Hossein Omoumi (on ney) and Madjid Khaladj (on tombak): Hessar, Zarbi e eragh & Tasnif.
Cd. Improvisation dans le mode Mahour РHossein Omoumi, Madjid Khaladj. Label: Al Sur (1996), code: ALCD 181 | VIDEO

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