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An Early Evening Stroll

mon 10 may 2021 11:00 

Walking with Wölfl V 

Have you always wanted to know what a piano and a harp sound like played together? Or, even more rare, a piano and a tambourine? Listen to this episode to find out because Joseph Wölfl (1775-1812) wrote airy music for these instruments. He also composed an impressive and menacing duet for cello and piano.

Joseph Wölfl: finale from Grand Duo in F major. Op. 29

Kyunghee Kim-Sutre, harp

Steven Vanhauwaert, piano


Daniel Steibelt: From Études, Op. 78 numbers 26, 11, 50, and 3

Fragment from solo piano version of Piano concerto no. 6 in G minor. ‘Le voyage au Mont Saint-Bernard’

Anna Petrova-Forster, piano


Joseph Wölfl: Two waltzes for piano and tambourine

Margit Haider-Dechant, piano

Hermann Dechant, tambourine


Joseph Wölfl: Finale from Gran Duo for harp and piano in B-flat major. Op. 37

Kasper Schonewille, piano

Oxana Thijssen, harp


Joseph Wölfl: Grand Duo for piano and cello in D minor Op. 31

Leden van Pratum Integrum



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