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The String Quartet

wed 19 may 2021 10:00 

Presented by Leo Samama.

Joseph Jongen’s final quartet was made in 1921. This music definitely has got allure, and it’s full of melodies which sometimes are magical and other times exhilarating. Every part is masterfully written. Harmonically and melodically speaking, Jongen’s language is closer to the works of Franck and Tournemire than Debussy’s, but that doesn’t diminish its imaginative power, even for 1921.

Joseph Jongen composed the Eerste strijkkwartet for his final exam at the conservatory in 1894. He won the first prize of the Belgian Royal Academy with this piece. And, consequently, he established a name for himself, not just in Belgium but also in France and Germany. It is even said that the famous Richard Strauss couldn’t help but be ecstatic about Jongen’s musical ability.

Joseph Jongen – String quartet no. 3, in D major, Opus 67

  1. Allegro non troppo, 2. Tempo di scherzo, 3. Andantino molto cantabile, 4. Très animé

Performed by Gong Quartet

CD: Pavane Records

Joseph Jongen – String quartet no. 1, in C minor, Opus 3

  1. Allegro molto – tempo di adagio – allegro molto.

Performed by Gong Quartet

CD: Pavane Records

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