The Last Century

thu 22 jul 2021 12:00 

Jazz-infleunces in Classical music – Episode 5 (Middle-Europe)

Today we have another episode of the programme’s series about the influence of jazz on classical music in the 20th and sometimes 21st century. Every programme features a specific country or region. This episode features Middle-Europe.



  1. Mátyás Seiber: Jazzolette No. 1 & 2. Ebony Band conducted by Werner Herbers
  2. Erwin Schulhoff: Esquisses de jazz. Ragazze Quartet
  3. Erwin Schulhoff: H.M.S. Royal Oak. Jazz Oratorium nach Worten von Otto Rombach. Daniel Reuss, speaker; Asa Olsson, soprano; Bernard Loonen, tenor; Capella Amsterdam; Ebony Band conducted by Werner Herbers
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