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wed 13 oct 2021 01:00 

Traditional-classical music from Tuva, Siberia by Dainkho Namtchylak & Khoomei Beat.


Sainkho Namtchylak.
Sainkho was born in 1957, in Tuva, Siberia. Her music is an intertwined blend of tradition and innovation that uses the Siberian and Mongolian musical tradition to achieve modern sounds, all connected by her pure and enchanting voice. She fell in love with music thanks to her grandmother and soon began to study both the traditional Tuvan repertoire and overtone singing, a singing practice until then reserved only for men. CD. Like a bird or spirit, not a face – Sainkho Namchylak. LABEL: Ponderosa Music Records (2016), code: CD 131. VIDEO

Khöömei Beat.
The band combines traditional Tuvan throat singing with influences from modern instrumentation. The result is the album Changys Baglaash. A mix of old and new that firmly establishes them as a musical force of nature and one of the most exciting new bands in world music today. The origin of the unique style of music stems from Tuvan ancestors who mimic the sounds of nature while hunting. Throat singing produces a rhythmic rumble that you can feel to your core. CD. Changys Baglaash – Khöömei Beat. LABEL: Arc Music (2021), code: EUCD2954. VIDEO

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