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Traditional-classical music from Armenia, with Yeghish Manoukian, Gaguik Mouradian, Araïg Bartikian & Levon Minassian.


1- Yeghish Manoukian, Gaguik Mouradian, Araïg Bartikian.
The album is a collection of the main Armenian music movements from both the country and the so-called classical traditions: the ” Mugham ”, old modal background of the Caucasus and the East and the ” Sayat Nova ”, music of the troubadours.
CD. Arménie : Sources ; vol.1 – Yeghish Manoukian – Gaguik Mouradian – Araïg Bartikian.
LABEL: Buda Musique (1995), code: 92610-2.

2- Levon Minassian.
The Armenian Duduk player Levon Minassian first gained an international audience through his work with Peter Gabriel. Inspired by this collaboration, he continued to mix musical cultures on the album The Doudouk/Beyond Borders. The duduk is the central focus of the album, with old songs performed on a variety of subjects, the recordings being supplemented by a number of musicians from other cultures.
CD. The Doudouk/Beyond Borders – Levon Minassian.
LABEL: Wagram Music (2003), code: 3060612. VIDEO

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