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Orient Express

wed 15 dec 2021 01:00 

With Gayageum music and korean drums of South-Korea.

Byungki Hwang.
An atmospheric, relaxing and hauntingly beautiful album of new gayageum music, written and played by Hwang Byungki, one of Korea’s foremost composers and gayageum players, accompanied by janggu (hourglass drum). Occasional vocals and a daegeum piece (flute) and geomungo solo piece (6-string fretboard zither).
CD. The Best of Korean Gayageum Music – Byungki Hwang.
LABEL: Arc Music (2007), code: EUCD2097. VIDEO

The explosive thunder and gripping rhythms of huge drums are juxtaposed with beautiful, contemplative music on traditional Korean instruments, performed with uncontrollable energy by Dulsori, the world-renowned Korean Drumming Ensemble.
CD. Korean drums – Dulsori.
LABEL: Arc Music (2012), code: EUCD2366. VIDEO

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