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The wayward Prokofiev

fri 14 jan 2022 12:00 
Composer: Sergej Prokofiev

A docudrama about one of the most prominent and independent composers of the 20th century.

The wayward Prokofiev XXIV.

On ‘the wayward Prokofiev’ every two weeks for an hour we focus on the life and work of 20th century Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. Undoubtedly one of the biggest composers of the twentieth century.

Today: Prokofiev’s ballet Trapeze which he wrote for a circus troupe and eventually turned into  quintet, as well as his fifth piano sonata, which is a hybrid between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ Prokofiev. We close off with the second piano sonata by Alexander Masolov from 1924, one of the first futuristic Russian piano sonatas.


  • Sergei Prokofiev.  Quintet for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, and double bass in G minor op. 39 (1924). Christian Wetzel (oboe), Ib Hausmann (clarinet), Daniel Hope (violin), Tabea Zimmermann (viola) en Rolf Jansen (double bass) .    


  • Sergei Prokofiev. Sonata for piano No. 5 in C major op. 38 (1923). Yury Martynov (piano)    
  • Alexandr Mosolov.  Sonata for piano No. 2 in B minor op. 4 (1924) Thomas Günther (piano)


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