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Radio Monalisa

fri 14 jan 2022 05:00 

Women composers: classical, jazz and contemporary. Producer and host: Patricia Werner Leanse.

Works by Elisabeth Kuyper, Henriëtte Bosmans & Lera Auerbach.

1. Elisabeth Kuyper (NL, 1877-1953). a. From Sechs Lieder: Der Pfeil und das Lied (1922), art song. b. Concerto in B minor, for violin and orchestra (1908).

2. Henriëtte Bosmans (NL, 1895-1952). a. Song for Spain (1951), art song.
b. Trois Impressions (1926), for cello and piano.

3. Lera Auerbach (Russia, 1978). From the 24 Preludes for violin and piano: #12 (1999).

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