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An Early Evening Stroll

mon 17 jan 2022 11:00 
Composer: Gioacchino Rossini

The other side of bel canto composers – Gioacchino Rossini – 3

In a short series of programmes about the other side of bel canto composers this is the fifth one. Vincenzo Bellini, Gaetano Donizetti and Gioacchino Rossini have mostly become and remained famous for their operas. However, they have also composed other music.

This is the third episode we dedicate to Gioacchino Rossini. You will be listening to works from his later years, when he had already stopped as a composer of opera music.



Gioacchino Rossini

  1. From Péchés de vieillesse, book X ‘Prélude blageur’. Paolo Giacometti, fortepiano’
  2. From Péchés de vieillesse, book IX ‘Échantillon de Blague mélodique sur les Noires de la Main droite’. Paolo Giacometti, fortepiano
  3. Mars for orchestra (1837). Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin
  4. Bassoon concerto ‘Concerto da Esperimento’ (ca. 1845). Sergio Azzolini, bassoon; Accademia d’Archi di Bolzano conducted by Georg Egger
  5. Prelude, theme and variations for horn and piano (1857). Simone Baroncini, horn; Umberto Fanni, piano
  6. From Péchés de vieillesse, book 6 ‘Un petit Train de Plaisir, comico-imitatif’. Paolo Giacometti, fortepiano; Tido Visser, spoken voice
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