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Compiled by our Classical Music desk.

Pieter Wispelwey has been one of the biggest and most admired cellists of the Netherlands for years. We have recorded quite a few of his concert, especially when he first came on the scene.

He first shows up in our archives early 1986, which was recorded when Wispelwey was only 23 years old. In this concert, he and pianist Frank Mol tackle Beethoven’s cello sonatas – something he often did as a twenty-something. The Baroque, with the accompanying Baroque cello, also makes an early appearance. Of course, Wispelwey also performs Bach’s cello suites, though he doesn’t feel too good to take on the role of simple accompanist.

The man disappeared after 1993, but resurfaced in the 2010s. In 2011 we find him at Cellomania, where he helps sell the cello and its repertoire. This is where he shows the extent of his repertoire. He brings one of Brahms’ sonatas, but also doesn’t shy away from American modernist George Crumb.


1. Ludwig van Beethoven – Cello sonata no. 5 in D major opus 102/2
2. id. – Cello sonata no. 4 in C major opus 102/1
3. Johann Sebastian Bach – Cello suite no. 6 in D major
4. Johannes Brahms – Sonata in D major opus 78 (originally Violin sonata no. 1)
5. George Crumb – Sonata for cello solo
6. Frédéric Chopin – Minute Waltz opus 64/1 (originally for piano solo)
7. Gabriel Fauré – Après une rêve (from Trois mélodies opus 7; originally for voice and piano)

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