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Wandering around Jewish music

fri 21 jan 2022 05:00 

A program by Micha de Winter, episode 14 – Anthology.

Today you will listen to a small anthology from the previous episodes. I chose songs that touched me extra, either because of the music itself, the lyrics or the story about lyrics and music.

P l a y l i s t:
01 – Lieder ohne Worte for piano nr.1-6, op.19b, nr.1-6 part I.
Cd: A Mendelssohn portrait – Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.
Label: Brilliant Classics (2011), code: 94212. Video

02 – Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil Lib. Cd. The Astor Klezmer Trio.
Label: Syrinx Records (2020), code: CSR 201801. Video

03 – Shalom Aleichem – Fortuna. Cd. Fortuna.
Label: Mazal (1999). Video

04 – Kayvoni. Cd. The Music of the Mountain Jews.
Label: Jewish Music Research Centre.

05 – Ofgra Haza – ImNin Alu. Cd. Ofgra Haza: ImNin Alu.
Label: Sound, code: 12 SND 300. Video

06 – Im Hashem Lo Yivneh Bayis – Shira Choir. Video

07 – A-WA – Hana Mash Hu Al Yaman. Video

08 – The Hot Sardines – Bei Mir Bist du Schoen. Video

09 – Leo Smit – Sonata for flute and piano. Video

10 – Hans Krieg: Where were the Jews of our Amsterdam.
Sung by his daughter Miriam Krieg.

11 – Malakh – Shemt zikh der malekh – Lipovsky,
Shura; Ensemble Novaya Shira. Video

12 – Es Brennt. LP-Vinyl: Jiddische Lieder – Lin Jaldati.
Label: Amiga (1982), code: 845198. Video

13 – Mi Monasir. Cd. Monastir – Sarah Aroeste.
Label: Aroeste (2021). Video

14 – November Suite.
Cd. The Klezmer Village – Shtetl Band Amsterdam. Video

Production: Cobie Ivens.
Technician: Raph van den Driesschen.
Thanks to: Muziekweb Rotterdam.