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Radio Romantica

mon 14 feb 2022 12:00 
Composers: Antonín Dvorák | Barbara

Musical Romanticism, explored by Pieter de Oude.

Chamber music by Antinín Dvořák. You will be listening to his unrivalled serenade for wind section.

Double woodwind and three horns complemented by a cello and a double bass. Bohemian-style, carefree music played by a selection of world-renowned wind and string players, who come together every year for the Spannungen Festival in Heimbach in the Eifel region. Resulting in concerts and CDs of exceptional quality. In addition, you will also be listening to a piano trio by the Czech master, which he composed shortly after the death of his little daughter. The score is not all doom and gloom. At times, there is also some sunshine, and the whole performance is in the hands of the renowned English Florestan Trio.



  1. Antonín Dvořák – Serenade op.44
    François Leleux, Barbara Stegemann, oboe, Sharom Kam, Detmar Schneider, clarinet, Stefan Schweigert, Dag Jensen, bassoon, Marie Luise Neunecker, Sibylle Mahni, Ozan Çakar, horn, Tanja Tetslaff, cello and Haroaki Aoe, double bass
  2.  Antonín Dvořák – Piano trio in G minor, op.26
    Florestan Trio


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