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tue 22 feb 2022 12:00 

Western religious music from different centuries.

This episode is dedicated to Claudio Monteverdi in de shape of a Vesper-liturgy. Special attention for the 1640 bundle ‘Selva morale e spirituale’, the last collection of compositions published during his lifetime.

This bundle contains famous pieces, such as the “Pianto della Madonna”, Monteverdi’s own arrangement of the “Lamento d’Arianna”.
This episode we will be listening to music for a Vesper-liturgy. Italian conductor Rinaldo Alessandrini compiled a Vesper-liturgy with works of Monteverdi and several contemporaries, as well as Gregorian songs.
The whole piece is too long for this broadcast, so we hear the five usual Vespers psalms as well as the Magnificat. Finally, we will be listening to two works from an anthology printed in 1620.

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
1. Dixit II à 8 voci concertato (SV 264)
2. Confitebor II à 3 voci concertato (SV 266)
3. Beatus I à 6 voci concertato (SV 268)
4. Laudate pueri I à 5 [voci] concertato (SV 270)
5. Laudate Dominum II à 8 voci (SV 273)
6. Magnificat I à 8 voci (SV 281)
7. Christe, adoramus te a 5 (SV 294)
8. Cantata Domino a 6 (SV 293)
Concerto Italiano conducted by Rinaldo Alessandrini
(CD: “Vespri solenni per la festa di San Marco” – Naïve OP 30557, 2014)

Francesco Usper (1560-1640)
9. Sonata à 8
Concerto Italiano conducted by Rinaldo Alessandrini
(CD: see 1-8)

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