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Radio Romantica

mon 28 feb 2022 12:00 

Musical Romanticism, explored by Pieter de Oude.

Mendelssohn’s string quartets by the Artemis Quartet. The ensemble that belonged to the absolute world top, and was notorious for its Beethoven interpretations has unfortunately recently disbanded.

On this episode you will be listening to recordings from 2014 and this time the four musicians defend Mendelssohn’s novelties with verve. His music is always brilliant and well thought out. He was a master of his trade and could make the notes do exactly what he wanted. The quartet op. 44 no. 1 is from his glory days and the quartet op. 80 is from his final period. He was unable to cope with the loss of his sister Fanny when he was forty-five years old and at the height of his fame. The quartet is a requiem for her and her life.


  1. Felix Mendelssohn – String quartet no. 3, op. 44 no. 1

Artemis Quartet

  1. Felix Mendelssohn – String quartet no. 6, op. 80

Artemis Quartet

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