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Stubborn Student

mon 7 mar 2022 12:00 

The bumpy relationship between Beethoven and Haydn

Putting together the programme ‘Stubborn Student’ also involves an enormous search through the jungle of Haydn’s mega oeuvre. And among his 104 symphonies there are quite a few Sleeping Beauty ones. Like his 81st, in which Haydn mocks our expectations. In 1794, Beethoven – who up to that point had been known only as a pianist/improviser – also came out as a composer. With three piano trios op. 1. Haydn attended the premiere and was enthusiastic, except about number three, which he considered too revolutionary. This angered Beethoven, who thought Haydn was just jealous. Beethoven was present as an apprentice when Haydn was preparing for his second trip to London. He then wrote a string quartet for strings playing with a new model of bow, among other pieces. New opportunities!


Joseph Haydn: 1st part from Symphony in G major no. 81

Baseler Kammerorchester

Giovanni Antonini


Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano trio in C minor op. 1/3

Trio Wanderer


Joseph Haydn: 1st part and finale from String quartet in C major op. 74/1

Cuarteto Quiroga

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