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For the past week, Europe has been in the throes of the greatest war it has seen in years. A conflict that fills us all with utter horror. And what might scare us even more: at the time of writing this programme, the real threat of nuclear war is looming over us.

To reflect that fear, and to turn it into something creative, today we will be listening to two concerts that revolve around death.

Summary Programme details

  1. Melle Heij – Masquerade
  2. Danai Belosinof – They were cut
  3. Manuel Sánchez Garcia – Verloren (Lost), opus nigrum pendule
  4. Joël Bons – Pendule
  5. Jonathan Harvey – Death of light / Light of death
  6. Chiel Meijering – Kiss of fire
  7. Guus Janssen – Faust’s Licht
  8. Klaas ten Holt – Bovary chante


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