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L’Esprit Baroque

fri 18 mar 2022 06:00 

The baroque spirit in all its musical shapes. In this programme we will be listening to four cantatas by Spanish composer Francesco Corselli (1705-1778), born as Francisco Courcelle in Piacenza to French parents. Performers are soprano Alicia Amo and Musica Boscareccia.

Francesco Corselli

For several years, Francesco Corselli was a Kapellmeister to the duke of Parma, who would later become king of Spain (Charles III). His mother was Philip V’s second wife, and Corselli went to Madrid in 1734 at her behest to take on the musical education of the children of the royal family.
He became the Kapellmeister of the royal chapel in 1738. His tasks included composing religious works to replace the repertoire lost in a great fire in 1734. It is noteworthy that the cantatas have a Spanish text.
Performing such cantatas was forbidden at court in 1750, so Corselli’s cantatas were created between 1734 and 1750.

Francesco Corselli (1705-1778)
1. Dulze acento, voz Canora
2. Si aquel Monarca de Israel
3. Al Molino venid, finos Mortales
4. O qué suerte, mi Dios
Alicia Amo, soprano. Musica Boscareccia
(CD: “Dulze acento” – Itinerant Records iE002, 2015)

Francesco Corselli
5. From: Sonata for 2 violins and bc in D major: largo-presto-largo-presto
Musica Boscareccia
(CD: see 1-4)


On highlighted picture: soprano Alicia Amo

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