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The Art of the Improvisers

fri 18 mar 2022 00:00 

The first of three broadcasts on Ramboy Recordings,
compiled by label founder Michael Moore.

1. Available Jelly/Available Jelly, featuring Stuart Curtis, Barry Block and Michael Moore on saxophones and clarinets, Jimmy Sernesky on trumpet, Gregg Moore on tuba and e bass, Michael Vatcher vocals and percussion.

Natives (S. Curtis) 1:30
Salt Peanuts (J.B. Gillespie) 4:20
BBC (M. Moore) 3:28

2. The Persons/World Surf Music, with Moore on recorder, alto sax and clarinet, Danny Petrow and Dan Licht on e guitars, Ernst Reijseger on cello, Eric Calmes on e bass and Michael Vatcher on percussion and dulcimer.

Two Lines (Moore) 3:40
The Length of the Eighth (Moore) 3:47
Franz (Moore) 3:43

3. Michael Moore Quintet/Home Game, with Moore on clarinet, bass clarinet and alto saxophone, Herb Robertson on trumpet, Fred Hersch on piano, Mark Helias on bass and Gerry Hemingway on percussion.

Home Game (Moore) 3:13
Softy (Moore) 5:17
Dave (Moore) 3;17

4. The Persons/Live During Wartime, with Michael Moore on recorder, alto sax and bass clarinet, Ernst Reijseger on cello, Danny Petrow and Franky Douglas on guitar, James ‘Sprocket’ Royer on bass and Michael Vatcher on percussion.

Ben Gone Long (trad. Javanese, arrangement D. Licht) 1:44
Eternal Mourning (Moore) 3:10
Caiada (Moore) 7:00

5. Trio Clusone, with Michael Moore on clarinet/alto saxophone, Ernst Reijseger on cello and Han Bennink on percussion.

Pipistrello 1 (Moore/Reijseger & Bennink) 7:26
Providence (Moore) 3:46

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