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Concertzender Live

Tonight, we present three recordings: 1. piano music by Thomas Borsboom of Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy and Francis Poulenc. 2. The Gallows Songs by Sofia Gubaydoelina. 3. Hypothema and Entelechi II by Peter Schat.

Liszt: La Gondoliera
Debussy: Preludes: Voiles, Les Collines d’Anacapri, La Cathedrale Englouti
Poulenc: Promenades: á Pied, En Chemin de Fer and En Auto
Tobias Borsboom, piano


Sofia Goebaidoelina: Gallows Songs.
Marion van den Akker: mezzo-soprano, Paul Lemaire and Jan Roel Hamersma: percussion, Rob Dirksen: double bass, Elisabeth Moser: Bajan and Jana Machelet, flute


Peter Schat: Hypothema
Ensemble Insomnio

Peter Schat: Entelechi II
Eric Bosgraaf, recorder; Jorrit Tamminga Electronica

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