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Musicians Corner

fri 22 apr 2022 18:00 
Composers: Cor Fuhler | Willem Breuker

Interview with a Dutch jazz musician

Nora Mulder (1965)

Nora Mulder’s activities are not limited to composed and improvised music, but she also does performances and creates music theatre, film music and instruments. She works solo, with her own groups 7090, Ensemble Extra Ordinair and Picatrix, but also as a guest with various ensembles, orchestras and theatre and dance companies. She collaborates with actors, philosophers, visual artists, and whoever challenges her.
Mulder studied classical piano in Rotterdam and Maastricht, studied for three years in Paris with Claude Helffer, a specialist in the performance of contemporary classical music.
In 2019 she received the Willem Breuker Award.


– Nova Balancilo Orkesto 2017, It Ain’t Necessarily So
– Sun Ra, Priest
– Cor Fuhler Corkestra, Zand 1
– Nora Mulder, piano: Yannis Xenakis, Eonta
– Cecil Taylor, Jitney No.2
– Le Khomous des Yakoutes
– Picatrix (Greetje Bijma, Mary Oliver and Nora Mulder), Whistler’s Daughter
– Ensemble Extra Ordinair (Han Buhrs – vocals, Nora Mulder – toffeetinbass), Valse Rust
– Orquesta del tiempo perdido, Shawty
– Willem Breuker Kollektief, Hapsap


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