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Radio Romantica

mon 25 apr 2022 12:00 
Composer: Alexander Borodin

Musical Romanticism, explored by Pieter de Oude.

An hour of chamber music by Alexander Borodin, who is best known for his beautiful symphonies and his impressive opera Prince Igor. In addition, Borodin wrote beautiful chamber music that captures the Russian soul, and his love for his muse, Katja, who allegedly whispered the melodies of his piano quintet in his ear during a romantic trip to Italy. She was also the source of inspiration for his second string quartet. By this time they had been married for twenty years. In spite of his work as a composer, Borodin didn’t quit his job as a chemist, and he was happily married. We certainly can’t say the same for his fellow composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov and Mussorgsky.



  1. Alexander Borodin, Piano Quintet in C Minor
    Goldner String Quartet / Piers Lane, piano
  2. Alexander Borodin, String Quartet No.2 in D Major
    Goldner String Quartet



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