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The Last Century

thu 28 apr 2022 12:00 
Composer: Charles Koechlin

Music by 20th-century composers.

Charles Koechlin #2.

On today’s broadcast of The Last Century, a follow-up to the broadcast of March 16. We focus on French composer Charles Koechlin, who composed a fairly extensive oeuvre in his own particular style. Unfortunately, only part of his oeuvre has been recorded so far.

We will hear a number of orchestral works and symphonic poems.



1. Charles Koechlin; Poèmes symphoniques, op.43, no.1-2 ; Vers la plage lointaine

2. Charles Koechlin; Chant funèbre à la mémoire des jeunes femmes défuntes, op. 37

3. Charles Koechlin; La Méditation de Purun Bhagat, op. 159

4. Charles Koechlin; Etudes Antiques, no’s 2, 3 en 4, op. 46

5. Charles Koechlin; Poeme d’Automne no 1; Declin d’amour