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Radio Romantica

mon 2 may 2022 12:00 hrs
Composer: Richard Strauss

Musical Romanticism, explored by Pieter de Oude.

Songs by Richard Strauss. He was a specialist in this area. in addition to his comprehensive operas, he wrote intimate pieces for voice and piano.

The accompanist has to be in full control of his instrument, as the scores are demanding. The singer must be able to switch between the simplicity of a children’s song or a vocally demanding opera scene. Strauss loved the soprano voice. The major roles in his operas were written for women, and he knew how to bring the very best out in a woman’s voice, both on the opera stage and between the sliding doors. Anne Schwanewilms, assisted by master accompanist Richard Vignoles, provides some convincing examples.



  1. Richard Strauss – Drei Lieder der Ophelia
  2. Richard Strauss – Die Nacht en Geduld
  3. Richard Strauss – Mein Herz ist stumm, All’ mein Gedanken, Du meines Herzens Kroenelein, Ach Liebe ich muß nun scheiden
  4. Richard Strauss – O waerst du mein en Ruhe meine Seele
  5. Richard Strauss – Traum durch die Daemmerung, Schlagende Herzen en Nachtgang
  6. Richard Strauss – Blaue Sommer, Weißer Jasmin
  7. Richard Strauss – Waldseligkeit en Wiegenliedchen
  8. Richard Strauss – Blindenklage
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